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Colaboración público-privada, sin fines de lucro, con la misión de adquirir, procesar, almacenar y disponibilizar conjuntos de datos cuyo potencial no está siendo aprovechado al máximo para el desarrollo de ciencia, tecnología, innovación, conocimiento.

Sobre nosotros

Over the last century the technology of astronomical observatories improved dramatically, the understanding of the origin and destiny of our universe has evolved accordingly, but there is still more to discover. This progress in technology ignited a transformation in the way astronomy works: the knowledge that emerged from an individual's mind now flows from multi-disciplinary teams using data-centric tools. On one hand, data blooms from observatories; on the other, data bursts from cosmological simulations on computing clusters. Telescopes will produce zetta-scale datasets over the next decade, and theoretical astrophysics will generate similar data volumes and challenges.

Chile is a capital of Astronomy. Since the 60s, the collaboration between the Chilean government and international observatories has brought 40% of Earth's telescopes to our territory. That share will grow to around 60% in 2021. The inauguration of instruments in the next decade will further enshrine the Atacama Desert as a capital of astronomy. The volume of astronomical data acquired in the Atacama desert will go from around 1 PB/year today, to 16.5 PB/year in 2021.

Chile is a protagonist of global astronomy. Astronomy is at the vanguard of big data. Big data is the center of a broader revolution that is impacting the digital economy in our country and elsewhere. Chile can increase its protagonism in this revolution, through Astronomy.

We are calling you to lead a team of DOers that will have the responsibility of implementing the DO vision and establish a robust and strong foundation for this innovative initiative aiming to solve global challenges, from Chile.

We are searching for great teammates, skilled and experienced in cloud architectures, with knowledge in data-centric frameworks and solutions in the realms of data science and/or data engineering.

We require from you:

  • Commitment and responsibility to work with passion to achieve the objectives of the implementation.

  • Capacity to work in a team, this is a multi-disciplinary effort that requires your abilities to trust others and earn the trust of others.

  • Experience Testing and Prototyping; this means the ability to fail often and learn fast from that.

  • Value-oriented: the ability to understand we are implementing systems for real people and a defined mission, and how to work without losing sight of that

  • Capacity to listen and learn about others around you, the ability to empathize with diverse DO stakeholders is crucial for the success of the DO as a neutral broker at the heart of teams solving challenges that for different reasons, are important for private companies, science, and government.

  • Ability to make yourself understood in written and spoken English

  • Desired:
    • Diversity: our activity has a gender representation challenge; we encourage hiring from less represented demographics.

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