Director of Operations, New Verticals en Main Street

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Main Street is on a mission to make life a fair game. We’re building a modern, full-service platform that helps high potential individuals start businesses. Think of us as Lambda School meets Shopify for business ownership - we’re combining world-class training and technology to rethink starting businesses from the ground up. We're 10x more affordable than a franchise and 10x less risky than starting a business on your own.

We’re a seed stage company (~$4.7M led by Foundation, Khosla, YC + founders of OpenDoor & DoorDash) and our team previously worked at places like DoorDash, Uber, OpenDoor and Amazon. To learn more about who we are, see our COO’s user guide here, our PM’s here.

Job functions

We’re seeking an extremely ambitious partner to our COO (User Guide here) to own the end to end process of running diligence on a new vertical and leveraging the Main Street platform to roadmap a clear go-to-market plan. The right partner will have relevant high growth operating experience, an extreme amount of creativity, strong project management skills and a bias towards action.

The opportunity

Our business owner demand will aggressively spike in a new corona world. We are now off the races to expand verticals (ie: Pest Control, Restoration, Lawn Care), specifically those that will thrive in a corona world. We need to begin developing a deep understanding of which verticals to implement and then find top talent to stand up an engine to launch those new verticals at a hyper speed.

Qualifications and requirements

What we’ll get done

  1. Deep diligence on select new vertical and well articulated GTM roadmap
  2. Utilize the Main Street team to leverage existing platform resources
  3. Work within budget and provide thoughtful deliverables for our next vertical

Program Playbook Deliverables

Vertical pitches will need to have the following deliverables:

  • Business Map
    • NewCo
    • Comp Landscape
  • Lesson Plan / Content for Learning Management System
  • Operations Manual
  • Node Definition (marketing, payments, lead flow, crm, et al)
  • Well articulated Edge (how we compare against competitors)
  • Vendor Diligence by Node
  • Cobbling framework to tie nodes together
    • e.g. integrating stripe for payments and zendesk for CRM into one portal / process flow
  • Process definition for non-vendor / automated related tasks
    • a walk to sunsetting human capital
  • Well defined GTM
  • Considerations on how to scale
  • Indexing each node into process cards for Main Street to allow for future verticals to leverage



We’re recruiting an individual on a three-six month contract comped with equity on an accelerated vest + cliff. Pending results, we’ll offer continued work (depending on status).

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