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We help educators track student progress using tablets in low-internet access environments

Sobre nosotros

It all started when the 30-dollar tablets came out to the market in India, it was a clear sign to us that tablets would be the future of education, being accessible for all kids around the world. At the end of 2012, we got a grant from Startup-Chile, which allowed us to start working on a tablet-based platform. The general UX changed a lot from its beginning but the vision hasn´t.
We want to help teachers access timely information on their students progress using tablets, they are portable, students can access their class content at all places and everywhere. On this 2-year walk we've realized that infrastructure is a BIG problem, not only in Latin America (our prime market) but even in the U.S. So far we were able to perform successfully in countries like Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia. Bolivia is a good example, being a country that has one of the lowest broad-bands in the world and our product is performing successfully helping kids learn at their own pace and helping teachers track their progress and offer a more personalized education.

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